It has never been easier to put your world online!

MiniMaps Designer

Makes virtually any illustration interactive. Add your own Illustrations such as Maps, Floor Plans, Diagrams, or let us create them for you.
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MiniMaps GEO

Everything the Designer version includes + we create a pre-configured system for you with a Custom GEO Map (or set of Maps) . Featuring automated import and placement of geocoded Points-of-Interest (POIs) and let’s your users view their location on the map when using a mobile or tablet device.
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MiniMaps Publisher

An add-on or stand-alone version for creating
Custom Printed Maps – with Custom Legends.
Projects can be save to pdf or exported to jpg.
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HTML5 Ready Maps


NNeed to reach users on the go? Create without limitations using one system that simultaneously publishes UI versions for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile users.
HTML5 Ready Maps


miniMaps makes it easy for you to take control so you can configure, customize and style your system to look and function exactly the way you want it to.
HTML5 Ready Maps


You found the best mapping system – now get the best map(s). We can produce a Custom GEO Map for you of virtually any town, city or metro area usually within 48 hours. Contact Us