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It has never been easier to put your world online!

We can make virtually any illustration interactive.
Illustrations such as Maps, Floor Plans, Diagrams can be made interactive.
We then add your Points, Configure, Style and Brand your system to make it unique.

Our team of experienced artists design custom Campus Map and Floor Plan illustrations that strike a balance between function and a great look.  We work together with our clients to customize the design of their maps and floor plans so that only designated areas and locations (POIs) are displayed,

Already have your own Map and/or Floor Plan Illustrations?  Great!  We can convert your existing maps and-or floor plans and make them interactive with the miniMaps system too.

Your website is unique - and so should be your miniMaps system.  We go beyond just adding a logo to the user interface, we take the same approach to branding, styling and colors that are used for the map and floor plan illustrations and apply them to the User Interface elements so that each client's system user interface & maps stand out and work as intended.


No other online interactive solution comes close to providing the feature that a miniMaps system does for an affordable annual fee.

Take the next step and contact us to learn more about how our solutions can help your illustrations come alive.

Things change all the time - places are renamed, relocated, created or removed so we make it easy to update your maps, floor plans and points-of-interest content, images or media - Unlimited Updates are included for no addtional charge as part of your Annueal Service Subscription.

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